ConCast - A podcast about Conventions and Fandoms

ConCast is full of discussions about conventions and popular culture. Podcasters and Panelists: Good Ash, Little Beard, and Robbin Banks share their stories, views, and insights with their live studio audience, the "Not so Silent Majority"
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ConCast - A podcast about Conventions and Fandoms




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Mar 9, 2016

This week we tell stories from the road. We cover the gambit from high to low. Unfortunately this includes a depressingly large number of flatulence tales.

Mar 8, 2016

Ash is out celebrating his birthday. We've brought in our friend and fellow con artist, Susanne Lambdin, for a discussion on Zombies, Con life, and her book series. but really we talk a lot about monster sex.

Feb 24, 2016

Episode 19:

From Comic to TV

Geekgasms - 

Little Beard - Cool News for GPRF, Kansas Zombie Fest

Ash - tabletop on Twitch

Robbin - Pirating

Bean - Google Hangout with RI and NASA leading into 

Ash introduces new show segment

Upcoming Cons

TV shows that came from Comics

Why were they successful or not?

 Ugly list of helpful words: Convention, Comic Books, Deadpool, Cosplay

Feb 10, 2016

stuff and things

Feb 9, 2016

This week we talk about "When Fandom's go too far" when there is a lack of suspension of disbelief, or maybe it just gets too real.


geek, comicon, comic, convention, nerd

Feb 7, 2016

Sunday at Steamathon 2 in Las Vegas, Beard and Bean get to sit down with new friends Montague Jacques Fromage and Christopher Canole. It was such a great weekend.

Feb 7, 2016

WE LOVE FRENCH AND THE PUNK. We got to hang with the Original Batfrogs Scott and Samantha at Steamathon 2. Listen in to get the downlow on the nature of music creation, gardening, and snack cakes. Wait, did we talk about snack cakes?






Steampunk, music, nerd, geek, fanboy

Jan 8, 2016

We ring in the new year by cussing and discussing new opportunities for geeking out!


Unattractive, but helpful list of tag words: Comic, Marvel, DC, ComiCon, Star Wars, Star Trek, geek, 

Dec 30, 2015

Another episode from the Burrow's Geekeasy. Another group of nerds in the Not So Silent Majority. A Year in Review.


unattractive yet handy tags and keywords: Star Wars, Motorhead, 2015, comics, Movies, pop culture, geek, comiccon, convention

Dec 30, 2015

One week after the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we try to not to spoil it for Ash. We talk a bit about geeky Christmas and the need for more sexy elf cosplay.


unattractive, yet handy list of tags and keywords: movies, comics, comiccon, convention, geek, marvel, dc 

Dec 30, 2015

Good Ash, Beard & Bean cuss and discuss about nerdy topics


unattractive, yet handy list of tags and keywords:

ComicCon, geek, comic, movies, marvel, dc, convention, cosplay

Dec 16, 2015

This episode we have a live audience while we cuss and discuss the upcoming Star Wars film as well as our love and hatred of the franchise.


Little Beard

Gel E. Bean

Robin Banks


Nov 21, 2015

Join GoodAsh, Robbin Banks, Beard & Bean as they talk with the "Not so Silent Majority" about tea dueling, haunted hotel rooms, and back lot stories about William Shattner.

Guests: Doc Phineas from Pawn Stars and Zombie Lady Suzanne Lambdin

Nov 15, 2015

GoodAsh, Beard & Bean discuss a variety of topics while on a break at Wichita's Air Capital ComicCon.

Jul 12, 2015

The inaugural episode of Con-Cast. 

Hosted by Little Beard, Gel_E_Bean, Robbin Banks and GoodAsh.

 Recorded at the 11th annual Anime Festival of Wichita 07/11/2015

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